Mob rapes in Egypt

Reports from Egypt continue referring to fierce violence and mob rapes against women demonstrator in Tahrir Square, where Egyptian people massively protest against an oppressive muslim regime. The number of cases increases day by day, with certain media already referring to many hundreds. Other crimes, including deaths and injuries, are also reportedly committed in the square.

Worrying news about maltreatment of women in Egypt keep coming for some time. Women seem to be the victims of prejudices, injustice, discrimination, forced and early marriages, Female Genital Mutilation and gender violence, while the perpetrators remain unpunished , in many instances even protected by newly enacted laws. However, this new outrageous incident of massive mob rapes of women protesters, shows that women in this country, apart from being deprived of other human rights, are now discouraged from participating in public life and voicing their demands for democracy and gender equality, so much needed in their case.

We call on the interim Government of Egypt to immediately deal with the problem and stop sexual violence. The whole world, horrified by this massive abuse of human rights, expects that the first duty of the new Government will be to take action and put an end to crimes committed in Tahrir Square, especially sexual ones. And we expect that perpetrators will be arrested and brought to justice. It is the least Egypt can do at the moment for Egyptian women.